When you absolutely must say goodbye

We fund Navy SEALs who wish to travel for memorials of fallen brothers 


We Honor Navy SEALs By Providing Travel-Aid For:

Military Funeral Honors

Memorial Funeral Services

Warriors Honor Foundation pays bereavement travel-aid for Naval Special Warfare Veterans (NSW, past and present) who wish to grieve by attending final farewells for fallen teammates.

Support Navy SEAL Families at Military Memorials and Funeral Services. Our role is to connect the NSW veteran with the bereaved family of a fallen Navy SEAL, so they may offer condolences and respects from a band of brothers who are eager to pay tribute and salute a fallen teammate and hero. 

Warriors Honor Foundation is the link that bonds the brotherhood of Navy SEALs with the grieving family mourning in a tremendous time of loss.

It’s our challenge in recognition of USN SEALs to make available our bereavement travel-aid, as a benefit of service for earning the Navy SEAL Trident.

Why we help?

The strains on our Navy SEAL veterans are enormous, and their transition back to a civilian life which may have completely changed since they left can be challenging for them and their families.

The stream of events they have endured often leaves significant aftereffects.  Warriors Honor Foundation seeks to support USN SEALs by giving them travel monies to attend funeral and memorial services of fallen or lost NSW vets, past and present. Those who put their lives on the line must be helped in honoring their fallen teammates and brothers in arms.

About WHF

About WHF

Focused on Navy SEALs and the NSW community. It is with respect that we shall never forget their sacrifice and service to the USA

Our Mission

Our Mission

Warriors Honor Foundation funds Navy SEALs with travel-aid to honor final farewells for fallen teammates as a benefit of earning the Navy SEAL Trident

Donate Now

Donate Now

Thank you for your generosity that allows us to continue providing immediate travel-aid directly to heroic Naval Special Warfare Veterans who wish to attend the funeral honors of lost or fallen teammates

WHF funds bereavement travel aid for
funerals and memorials for NSW Vets

We are a sponsor of the 2nd Annual Chris Kyle Birthday Bash